Last Love


All glooms around me, I stand to reminisce our last fatal moment.

The feel of your touch, which awoke sensations never before touched, the taste of your  words, the freshness of your breath still lingers; the sweet sound of you’re voice still echoes. I stand alone, recalling what now is lost. Even the lifeless around me know. They understand as they have began to decay and refuse to flourish as they once did. They mock me or pity me. I refuse to acknowledge them, for the storm within me erupts like a volcano gushing forth its pain and anger with all its might to destroy everything within its reach. The pain builds and subsides at its leisure beyond my control.

Pain is a futile word to describe my loss. My heart mourns, it weeps due to being distant from you. It knows to only function in one way; and that is …
being with you.

Image courtesy: Rachael C Marek – Prompt

61 thoughts on “Last Love

  1. Great poem in reflections of a lost love.. and all the emotions are hurting you are left with..

    Just remember.. don’t cry 😭 because it’s over…
    smile 😁 .. because it/he happens…

    The intensity of your hurt 😭 is measured by the intensity of your love ❤️ or passionate emotions….

    Sometimes it’s the best hurt there is

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    1. Thank you so much for you’re feedback, it’s greatly appreciated.
      I was trying to access your blog but can’t seem to do so. Could you please share the link. Thank you.


      1. I appreciate it and that’s what we need, more people like you who are honest, as it’s the best way and that’s how we learn too.

        Thank you covert.


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