After all this .. 

After all this, she said it was time to let go,

I held my breath, clenched my fingers tightly, hoping I had been mistaken and it wasn’t going to be as so. 

‘Do you understand’ she whispered; I didn’t, not really, ‘no’. 

Where was it that I faltered or took the wrong turn; love was a bliss between us, what was it that made it turn cold. 

I hoped she would change her mind, I didn’t mind compromising! ‘I’ll do whatever you want me to, just don’t leave me .. I consoled’!

The eyes they say, never lie, and that’s when I saw it;

the love had died, she nodded in pity and looked so different, so cold ..

And then;

She left;

Without a word.

I knew, I had lost the war, 

But I never imagined for it to end, so abruptly, even though ‘ I still had so much to say to her’,

which was left untold. 


Image rights belong to pininterest, I couldn’t find the exact author behind it. 


That’s how Love works! 

Sometimes I wish I was a bird, so I could fly high above the sky, touching peaks that I only dream of;

and perching on her balcony, so I could see her at my leisure,

the non answered calls and the ignored messages wouldnt be so much of a bother today.

For my eyes would be quenched from the thirst of her absence, to hear her solemn voice,

so sweet and gentle,

to admire her view as long as I desired.

Until darkness falls and she draws the curtains.

That’s how love works sometimes ..


Image rights belong to JamaicaMai012 – DeviantArt

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