After all this .. 

After all this, she said it was time to let go,

I held my breath, clenched my fingers tightly, hoping I had been mistaken and it wasn’t going to be as so. 

‘Do you understand’ she whispered; I didn’t, not really, ‘no’. 

Where was it that I faltered or took the wrong turn; love was a bliss between us, what was it that made it turn cold. 

I hoped she would change her mind, I didn’t mind compromising! ‘I’ll do whatever you want me to, just don’t leave me .. I consoled’!

The eyes they say, never lie, and that’s when I saw it;

the love had died, she nodded in pity and looked so different, so cold ..

And then;

She left;

Without a word.

I knew, I had lost the war, 

But I never imagined for it to end, so abruptly, even though ‘ I still had so much to say to her’,

which was left untold. 


Image rights belong to pininterest, I couldn’t find the exact author behind it. 


44 thoughts on “After all this .. 

    1. Thank you Diana, I shall start penning again but I was greatly touched by your beautiful message, you know I really appreciate beautiful people like you so I shall sure be making time to read some of your beautiful posts, starting from tomorrow morning hopefully. Thank you once again.

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      1. You’re utmost welcome. I took a break from blogging and I’m back after 4 months, so I’m trying to see how best I can catch up with some bloggers. I hope to see more of your writing this year. Take care.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. In life we have to learn unrequited love, by that description … isn’t love. Love being a sharing of emotions, feelings and togetherness like a magnet drawn together. Not a thing that one can experience alone. You described it perfectly.

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    1. Yes I agree, sometimes the very thing that upsets us is a reason for new doors of opportunity to open for us to lead us to a better place.
      Thank you so much for you’re lovely words. I appreciate it.

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  2. Heart wrenching and that line love was a bliss between us and what was it that made it turn cold; so so favourite line of mine. Its not necessary that we always have HAPPY ENDINGS in stories as well as in life, for me this is my one of the favourite read till date. Wonderful
    How are you? Hope you are doing well. Will glad to have you at my site and your words at my latest post.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much, you’re kind words have certainly made my evening and I appreciate it. Thank you Sundershana. I’m doing well thank you and how about yourself.
      Yes of course will visit you’re lovely blog for sure.


  3. I sometimes wonder SM, if just letting go, moving on with our own journey with new doors around every corner, isn’t the best action for everyone concerned? There are those that just need to discover things on their own, in their own pace, healthy or not. 🙂 ❤

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