Love is Sweet ~ Story

The cool breeze swooned with calmness and settled after a moment, maybe realising I had mustered enough courage to come today, to finally speak to her; and the intervention every few seconds wasn’t helping, not today. 

She still looked beautiful, as beautiful as the first day I had layed my eyes upon her. Her black silky hair which fell across her face sometimes due to the cool breeze, which she gently pushed back behind her ear. Her face still radiant like the sun, and her lips soft, smooth like a rose petal. I pulled my hand back not realising when or how I had started to caress them. 

This wasn’t helping, I had to control myself.

I knew this wasn’t going to be easy, not after what I had done, my hand began to shake at the thought of it. I diverted my thoughts to avoid reminding myself & her which I was sure she still remembered. Who wouldn’t, I was surprised to see her still standing as her confident self after the ordeal, she appeared to be untouched by it all, which was very odd and strange to see. No woman would of been able to trust another man, especially not the one who made you endure it all. 

I raised my eyes to meet hers, they still seemed to be the same; clear, content and happy. No sorrow, hardness or hate, just a calm blue sea at bay, at peace and flickered every now and then with the waves gently kissing the shore. They were full of hope, full of life; how did she do it; how! I had to break the silence before it drove me mad.
Bahrah; I.. I.. have wanted to meet you for quiet some time, well; for a very long time, and I .. 

me too she whispered gently, me too. 

 Bahrah stood with the same demeanour, I hovered over to her eyes once again, the sea was still at bay, maybe she had moved on, or had forgiven me.

I broke the silence once again,

‘that’s so good to know, well; what I mean is; and what I’m trying to say is; I love you so much Bahrah, and I miss you so much. 

Bahrah stood still, I prayed she wasn’t reminiscing over what had happened, what I had done to her, that night wasn’t going to leave my thoughts, not now, not ever and I was sure she wasn’t going to forget it easily too, especially with me in sight. 

She gently smiled and took a step closer to me,

‘do you know Ahmed, I have waited for you, for a long time; for a very long time, for you to tell me that you love me, that you miss me. It’s been a while hasn’t it’

she took my hand and held it, then slowly moved back with hesitation. I returned the gesture and held hers. Her hands had turned a little cold, which wasn’t like her, she was always warm, her eyes remained the same, I ignored my thoughts and gave myself up; to her; she embraced me tightly as if she had missed me too as much as I missed her. 

Bahrah smiled, a flicker of flame crossed her eyes, the serene sea was facing a little storm and it was only going to build overtime.

I closed my eyes, I conciled with my thoughts, allowing myself to rest for the first time in a while; oh it had been a long time, and I knew this meant one step closer; if only Ahmed knew what I had in mind for him. 

‘I missed you Ahmad, I missed you so much’..


Thank you for reading.

Image taken from Pinterest.

-Bahrah is an Arabic word, it comes from Bahr which means sea and Bahrah is the feminine word of it, meaning sea.