The Wind breathed with swift motion thrusting the vibrant leaves with all its might, allowing the trees to falter from one side to another. The scent of fresh grass, autumn leaves always made me smile. I stopped to inhale, taking it all in at once, before it escaped or was lost. One couldn’t trust the weather here, I certainly didn’t, as one moment the fresh breeze excited us to explore it’s warm colours, and then came the rain without warning, dampening all what was around and taking away the fresh aroma so quickly that I had already forgotten its taste.

I held my hand to stop the gust of wind, accompanied with leaves taking another stride my way, protecting my face from its possible attacks, I regained myself, moving a strand of hair that had become loose, and placed it behind my ear for support. Calmness inhabited all around, all silent, just the sound of leaves rustling now and then. The wind taking pauses before deciding to remind us of its presence. The birds perched on the branches, flying away all of a sudden to other destinations. I lean over to feel the soft, smooth leaves, caressing them gently just in case the colours faded, admiring their transformation through the seasons, their beauty more so now than ever before. I sighed, placing them down gently, then leaning against the tree, I sat, smiling at the scenery before me, then remembering why I had come here, I pulled out my book and began reading, drowning into a new adventure; away from reality. 


I haven’t been able to post for a while, so I apologise, exams and revision have taken over, even though I enjoy it but I am finding it hard to manage time for blogging. However I aim to post at least weekly for the time being. Thank you to all of you who take the time out to visit and read my blog.

Transformation – Daily Prompt


51 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Autumn is probably my favourite season and you capture it’s magic beautifully here. Being blind (I am using software that converts text into speech and braille enabling me to use a Windows laptop), it is the scents and sounds of autumn which mean most to me. I relish the sound of fallen leaves crunching underfoot and the scents eminating from them. There is a beautiful melancholy about Autumn, for it is the slow death of summer and the harbinger of winter. Kevin

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      1. Me too.. And in autumn .. the one thing I like doing the most is sitting in a park and reading a book amidst nature and the beautiful fall colours 🙂

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      2. Yes, don’t you find it so refreshing and therapeutic?
        Also it’s where you sometimes find new ideas, triggers a train of new thoughts and a world of imagination. Beautiful experience.

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  2. Your writing is wonderful… I love this! I agree it gets quite difficult to keep up with blogging especially when you have to do schoolwork. I wish you the best in your studies! Looking forward to more posts from you! ❤

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