A world of my Own

Sometimes I wish I could make a world of my own. A world of books, a world of adventures, a world where reading was my occupation.

A world of academics, scholars and students, who wish to explore the oceans of knowledge, who don’t make monetary their forefront and aim. A world of caring people, a world of non-contempt, a world of peace and serenity, a world that wishes to grow, to become better, and to become stronger. 

To help one another, to uplift one another, to strive to be good, to make the one who is down, happy, to make the one who is sad, smile. A world of creativity, a world of bliss, and a world that understands.. to care and love one another. 


‘An Authors Handbook’

Whilst exploring my bookshelf, I fell across a book which has been sitting there collating dust. I pulled it out, by David Bolt called ‘An Authors Handbook’. I recall purchasing it after reading numerous positive reviews regarding it, and because I always wanted to write, I hoped it would help me to become confident with writing my own chosen specialism. 
‘An Authors Handbook’ is easy to read, and full of practical advices on all the main aspects of writing and getting in to print.

Over the days I shall share the tips and advices given in the book to help anyone who it may benefit. 

Feel free to share your own writing tips. 
How did you start writing? 



Just Write

Sometimes you may sit and wish to write, a deep, thought provoking piece. Yet it may not happen, many times you will encounter a block, as they call it a writers block. I believe everyone has a writer within them, but you will chose different genres and styles of writing, some discover it much sooner than others. I actually use to believe I can’t write even though I wish I did, till a friend suggested to me to start blogging or journalling again. I find it very therapeutic and most of all enjoyable. One just needs to believe they are able to do it, before you realise you will be writing everyday, just like me.  

Dear Diary – Why do I write …

Sometimes I write to share the thoughts I hide, the hidden feelings of another I lock away, an untold story that remains unpublished, dreams that I wish become true one day. There’s much to say, there’s much to write, who listens, who reads your daily plights.

Why is it easier to write than share?

Sometimes I wonder, is it because paper has more patience than people ..