I often hear


Love, I often hear, with cascade of definitions placed before me, 

with the limited words, sometimes guilt, thrown towards me,

often forgotten, then suddenly, there you are before me, 

I bare the silence, then decide to break it, reminiscing the wrath that befalls me, 

What is love, I often ask,

for still, I feel like a novice, trying to unwrap the layers that console me. 


Love, sometimes difficult to explain, for we all have our little window, from which we see through to define what love is for you and how you choose to show it. 

Life, a great teacher

Life’s a great teacher, I once heard someone say. It didn’t bother me as much as it does today.

You know sometimes you can try as hard as you wish, to muster and cling to those you wish to still exist in your life.

But at the end all that will be left is just you, still discovering yourself, wondering where it went all wrong.

All this time you were just being sincere, being you, and that isn’t a crime.

Sometimes love & happiness doesn’t have to be what you offered to others, it’s what you offered to your self, first then shared with others in time.


As the time ticked chiming it’s regular sound of presence, tick tock, tick tock,

I noticed the hours pass by and the world did just that too,

I observed each passerby, every single one of them, just incase they noticed me too.

The old, the young, the small, the hurt, the happy and those who showed no emotion at all too.

Immersed in their lives, and busy with these beastly, booming little gadgets, operating like machines, from whom they seemed to require refuelling very often,

They held them with such love and affection, incase it’s feelings were hurt, or felt lost or lonely by their absence.

Suckling on their senseless minds as the time continued to remind them of its presence, ‘tick tock, that it was still existent, just like those around them too.

I continued looking on maybe I’d garner even a ‘hi’ today, if that was too much of an expectation, maybe a smile, even that would work today.

The sun began to disperse reminding me, maybe it was time for me to go home too,

But I continued to wait, maybe just maybe I’d finally get to speak to someone today. . .

After all this .. 

After all this, she said it was time to let go,

I held my breath, clenched my fingers tightly, hoping I had been mistaken and it wasn’t going to be as so. 

‘Do you understand’ she whispered; I didn’t, not really, ‘no’. 

Where was it that I faltered or took the wrong turn; love was a bliss between us, what was it that made it turn cold. 

I hoped she would change her mind, I didn’t mind compromising! ‘I’ll do whatever you want me to, just don’t leave me .. I consoled’!

The eyes they say, never lie, and that’s when I saw it;

the love had died, she nodded in pity and looked so different, so cold ..

And then;

She left;

Without a word.

I knew, I had lost the war, 

But I never imagined for it to end, so abruptly, even though ‘ I still had so much to say to her’,

which was left untold. 


Image rights belong to pininterest, I couldn’t find the exact author behind it. 

That’s how Love works! 

Sometimes I wish I was a bird, so I could fly high above the sky, touching peaks that I only dream of;

and perching on her balcony, so I could see her at my leisure,

the non answered calls and the ignored messages wouldnt be so much of a bother today.

For my eyes would be quenched from the thirst of her absence, to hear her solemn voice,

so sweet and gentle,

to admire her view as long as I desired.

Until darkness falls and she draws the curtains.

That’s how love works sometimes ..


Image rights belong to JamaicaMai012 – DeviantArt

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