As the time ticked chiming it’s regular sound of presence, tick tock, tick tock,

I noticed the hours pass by and the world did just that too,

I observed each passerby, every single one of them, just incase they noticed me too.

The old, the young, the small, the hurt, the happy and those who showed no emotion at all too.

Immersed in their lives, and busy with these beastly, booming little gadgets, operating like machines, from whom they seemed to require refuelling very often,

They held them with such love and affection, incase it’s feelings were hurt, or felt lost or lonely by their absence.

Suckling on their senseless minds as the time continued to remind them of its presence, ‘tick tock, that it was still existent, just like those around them too.

I continued looking on maybe I’d garner even a ‘hi’ today, if that was too much of an expectation, maybe a smile, even that would work today.

The sun began to disperse reminding me, maybe it was time for me to go home too,

But I continued to wait, maybe just maybe I’d finally get to speak to someone today. . .


10 thoughts on “Maybe

  1. maybe … the sadness is that phones are regarded as higher than people or animals. I watched helplessly as a young man jogged with earphones in across the road. Followed by beeps and shouts, slamming of doors unpleasant words were exchanged as he lay still; buds in ears. The irony was the two drivers one facing and the one that collided with him were too busy worrying about who was to blame they forgot to use their phones. seconds had passed, maybe vital seconds. As it was he roused and stood. police arrived and an ambulance and I went on my way.


  2. People can be in a world of their own, distracted by thoughts or worries, distracted by gadgets and tech. It’s becoming increasingly rare that strangers smile, say hello or talk. Beautifully written xx

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    1. Very true and it seems to be rapidly changing, it’s not like how it use to be either whether worries or stress, everyone made a point to smile outside, regardless of how other spheres of life were, and no doubt lived happier lives .. but you’re right people have different ways of dealing with it and as time moves on so do the people. Thank you for your lovely comments.

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