Love Falls 

She listened attentively, holding back the storm that was brewing within. 

A tear forcing its way down and landing with a splash upon the palm of her hand. 

He froze upon witnessing her ordeal, silence embraced them, unwelcoming their next exchange of words. 

She made her way to the door, to free herself from the pain, grasping the door handle with all her might, searching for strength to speak. she then turned to face him, without allowing herself to fail or become weak. 

She broke the cold silence, leaving him with her last words to reminisce over; 

‘I should leave rather than allow myself to be broken slowly, it’s the best thing to do, for me, and I suppose for you too. 


The door closed with a thud, he stood still, trying to embrace what just occurred, he had lost; he had lost her, he had lost all. 

‘You never really understood me. 

I still love you, I really do’ he whispered. 

He stared at the door, wanting her to return.

He fell; the floor was cold, the air around him began to change, his eyes closing slowly, everything disappearing from sight; leaving him in complete silence and in complete darkness. . .

Image: Pinterest, can’t seem to find the owner behind it. 


74 thoughts on “Love Falls 

    1. I’m speechless. I didn’t ever think my penning would make anyone cry. Thank you for sharing how you felt, it isn’t easy to do that sometimes. A great pleasure to have you here dear.


      1. Aaww Thank you dear, you are very motivating and kind with your words.
        Yes I’m in the process of putting it together, presently I’m working on my poetry compilation to be published.
        Thank you ever so much.

        Liked by 2 people

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