Your Words 

Dear fellow bloggers, 

I would like to thank each and everyone of you for following, liking and commenting on my work. 

I appreciate your kindness, your support and words of encouragement, so thank you very much.

Due to this I would like to open up a weekly visit post for all of you who have been following and encouraging me at each and every step. 

I often try to visit everyone that follows or visits me, to read your posts and leave a few words to either encourage or compliment your lovely work of art. However I have been struggling to do so as either WordPress isn’t being, me friendly or I’m not doing it right (the joys of advancements). 

So therefore I welcome you all to post a link from your blog every week (please post one link only, per week), for your most recent post. I will refresh this post every Thursday as a reminder for all to revisit and leave a link for your most recent post.

I aim to visit each one of the links posted, take my time to read and even leave a comment. This not only allows me to visit your blog, but also gives you some exposure on my blog for others to visit too.

This is a gesture from me to you, to say, thank you. 

So post away. 👍🏼


Note: Any post links containing hate or anything relating to that nature will be removed. 


139 thoughts on “Your Words 

    1. I’m not sure how I missed your post, but I’m glad I did as they say ‘the best for the last’.

      Beautifully penned that I’m lost for words Ellen. Such a deep yet rich post, with a touch of mysterious yet magical elements.

      I’m not sure what to say .. speechless.

      Do you consider expanding the story and converting it into a book?

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      1. I come to my humble place to make connections, new virtual acquaintances and in return leave morsels to give a taste of how I write. My fun and procrastination place while my manuscript I hone my work of heart , I ready to tout around agents and one day… *sigh* one day these morsels may become part of the feast. 😇 Thank you for your intrest come back soon pull up a chair and read. X

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  1. Your work is exquisite and yes I would love to leave a link thank you. But you know when a boy once said “it’s me not you” in this case it is wordpress… if you go to your comments (from the stats page) you could find comments in spam from people you didn’t know were commenting, if you do, just answer them back telling them they were spammed. Then things may improve. lots of luck. I think comments are my wages and get upset if there are none.

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  2. This is so awesome!
    Even I organize posts like this to engage in conversations with my dear friends…
    I just now discovered your blog and it’s really awesome….
    Will read your posts now, it was the first I read.
    Would you like to read my posts?
    If you like, check out a magical series Blue watery eyes… 😊 I hope you’ll like it…

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    1. Thank you Neha, I’m glad you find it to be a great idea.
      Thank you for your compliments and kind words, you’re very kind.

      Please feel free to leave a link, it would be a pleasure to share your work with everyone.
      Thank you and take care.

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