Sometimes when you’re in the company of people; 

yet still feel alone.. 


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53 thoughts on “Sometimes 

  1. Simple-Me, totally understand how that feel. In the midst of the crowd, with all the buzz and city lights going on, one shouldn’t feel lonely with so much noise. But, somehow, when you are standing in the midst of the crowd, you just feel more invisible. No one notices you, everyone just seems so busy and occupy with their own life. You poem is short and concise, but really sums up a lot about life. The hidden meaning behind your poem is filled with great meanings :). Thank you for sharing such a great poem to all of us in wordpress. Keep up the good work and will be looking forward for more poems.

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    1. Thank you so much, your comments mean a lot to me and yes you have managed to really understand the poem very well, and it’s true as you mentioned how true to life it is. It’s a sad reality unfortunately but that may just help us to grow stronger within.

      The pleasure is indeed all mine, thank you once again for visiting and reading, hopefully I should post something new very soon.


      1. Hi Simply Me, Keep up the good work. Thank you for responding to my message. It is indeed a beautiful message to the world. It is great to know that there are people who are also in-tune with their emotions through the medium of words. Looking forward to reading more of your work.


  2. Hello Sobia,
    It’s wonderful to see you back penning your lovely thoughts.
    This one is so beautiful and yes, so true. In some ways I find it much easier to be alone than invisible in company. We all need to be seen and validated don’t we?
    Take care,
    Di 💐✨

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      1. You’re very welcome Sobia…
        And oh yes, I really enjoy my own company at times too. I need it to simply ‘think’ and write.
        Great to see you again and take care as well 🙋🏻💐

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  3. We feel the need to be alone as long as we don’t find ourselves in others. the thing is, we are all too busy making up questions to ask others, such that we forget to answer them ourselves. this is sad, and the want of an identity can actually make us want to feel lonely. loneliness may be a way to unconsciously assure yourself that you are unique and need to be alone. that’s why we want to feel lonely and empty, as long as you hide you from you; we can’t worry as long as i am i; as long as you are you; and then, as long as we are humans. individuality is great. still working on the psychology of loneliness.

    and how have you been, my friend? it’s been a long time!


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    1. Thank you Laffie, I quiet like your insight into this topic, thank you for sharing it with us.
      Yes it has, sometimes life keeps us occupied, therefore compromising a part of it becomes the only solution.

      How have you been ?

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    1. Thank you ever so much dear,
      Learning a new language is taking up quiet much of my time, but I assure you my dear, you cross my mind often whenever I visit . Thank you ever so much dear and always a pleasure and a joy to hear from you.

      I’ll surely try another post this week as exams are quiet a time consumer. I hope you’re well and managed to find the perfect job you were looking for.

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      1. You are so welcome. Wow really that’s awesome. What language? I’m trying to learn Spanish. Thank you so much for saying that I appreciate that. Yeah I remember taking exams. They do take up a lot of time. What are you taking exams for? I’m doing well. I haven’t found the perfect job yet, but I will eventually.

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      2. I’m doing Arabic language studies, I’m enjoying the poetry we are learning, it’s simply beautiful and deep.
        Ooh Spanish I hear it’s hard to learn so well done to you dear. I hope you find a good Job as you deserve it truly.

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