The Tide

Do I ask for too much,

If I’m asking for a little space .. 
To exhale the misunderstood feelings I harbor, 

To put them at bay.

To simply spend a little time with;  



and I. 

To know the storms that I create, turmoiling my inner side. 

To feel the sand between my fingers and rummage through it like it’s treasure. 

To sit in the rain and drown myself, unburdening the thunder and sorrow. 

To run on grass or the earth, just with my bare feet;

to feel it’s warmth, it’s cool, calm, collective nature, whilst I run to exhume the heat. 

To sit beside a silent shore and dip my feet to sense it,
It’s cold blue surface,

hiding a deeper tide than it actually mirrors. 

Do I ask for too much,

when I just want to spend some time,

with the trees, the sea, the sand, the sky, the sun, the birds, the rain, the storm, 

or even me.

For they seem to know me,
Understanding my silences with which I speak.

The pauses I take with hesitation, pondering with great length with the words I say, 

Do I ask for too much;

when I just want to be me.


Image taken from Pinterest. 
Thank you for visiting. 


84 thoughts on “The Tide

  1. Its really beautiful…lovely piece..the way you have described nature is just mind blowing. These little things like enjoying the rain, walking barefoot on wet grass, sitting on a beach listening to waves…they are a way to achieve inner peace and that’s what we all need to know…beautifully described.


      1. You are very welcome. Yes, your little place where you can just be you and your tribe will find you. And it seems they really have. You receive so many beautiful comments. Congratulations to you 💐💐

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you Di, and with time you will find this wonderful community too. They are really nice and encouraging and I’m sometimes surprised I receive so many encouraging comments. It’s kind of them and a beautiful thing too. Sometimes that’s where we find motivation from to keep writing.

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  2. No, you do not ask for too much, for how can it be too much to give time to yourself… Be Happy, and continue to embrace the energy and solace of Mother Earth.. For her healing is time spent within Nature For we are One.. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Jennie, I aim to write as where I connect to hearts. Draw in emotions as that’s when words are tasted and felt.
      Thank you dear, your comments mean a lot and I’m humbled by your kindness.
      You made my day Jennie, and I appreciate you stopping by.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. So beautifully written, and you’ve really breathed life in to the feelings and nature of the piece. “For they seem to know me,Understanding my silences with which I speak” – there really is something peaceful about nature, a connection that can be so calming and refreshing. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you ever so much dear, I’ve tried my best to incorporate the feel and sense of nature. Yes there is, nature is a friend of ours, which only helps us, but unfortunately in our busy lives we overlook it and don’t have time for it.
      I appreciate your lovely feedback.
      Thank you ever so much for stopping by, it’s greatly appreciated. 💐


    1. That’s beautiful to hear, nature is therapeutic if we allow ourselves to spend some quality time with it.

      It even helps to calm you and even taking out the negative feelings or sadness and replacing it with peace and calmness.

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