Sometimes it’s these very people who you may have crossed paths with, become the best of people in your life.

It’s almost like you have known them for a very long time, even though you may have just met, they feed your mind and soul, like they understand every word, silence and breath you take, just like a soul mate.

They’re to keep and not to lose. 

Image owner unknown, found on a social media site. 


96 thoughts on “Soulmate 

  1. Delightful post. The internet has opened up the world for humanity. It is a venue that allows us to share our thoughts and words for all to read. By doing that we meet others that become a part of our lives. We build a community and share with each other building friendships that can last a lifetime. “Though I may never see your face, I relish in the beauty of your soul”.

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    1. Thank you ever so much, so happy to know you found it as such.

      Oh definitely and I agree with you, and I love the way you have put this, we may never see each other in reality however ‘I relish in the beauty of your soul’.
      Beautiful words and very kind too, likewise dear, I admire your story writing skills, you’re so good at it.

      Very happy to have connected with you.

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  2. Hello Simply-me!
    This is lovely. I know that feeling of meeting someone new and you have so much to talk about. I also feel this now meeting like minded people on social media. It’s a real community with great people, as you seem to be, by the way you respond to people here in comments. It’s wonderful 🙋🌹🌹

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    1. Wonderfully said Carolyn, indeed it is the case, and when you do meet them you can pick up from where you left off, regardless of not seeing each other for a while.

      It’s beautiful.

      Thank you Carolyn.

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  3. I cordially buy into your words of wisdom, Sobia. I had read somewhere that a spiritual person treats each person he meets as his soulmate. Perhaps, by Peramhans Yogananda? No matter how easier it sounds, it’s too difficult. So, most often I seek refuge in the company of my my mom, a few cousins, my close friends etc. Only soulmates 🙂 How can you let them go. Loved it. ❤

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    1. Thank you Smita, I’m glad you could relate, it’s always a lovely and a beautiful thing when you know how it feels to taste the words I real life.
      It’s a rare gift to have too as many still haven’t been able to find their soulmates or seem to look in the obvious places. It’s the simple things that matter, happiness and caring for each other.

      Lovely to hear you have your family and cousins.

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      1. You are always most welcome. It is always a pleasure to have a talk with you.
        As to cousins, I didn’t have connection with too many cousins. At different stages of life, sometimes, I had my mother, my best friends. In my life I always had my friends at school as my soulmates and just a few. Even in your family, you don’t have everyone who understands you or you have that soulmate like connection. Sometimes, there are a few who fail to develop even normal connection. They are not connected since a decade. Even to keep a normal relation sometimes I call them up, every year at least once, if possible to keep at least a formal relation. But there’s nothing like understanding or soulmate thing. During my difficult days, my family, people I lived with, my neighbours, connections made on social sites remained. They indeed were soulmates. Last year I had added many a relatives on Facebook, many unexpected ones too, relatives of relatives. None of them are connected any way expect Facebook. I suddenly found them creating nuisance. Mindless competition, posts to seek attention, trying to break my friends who had been a part of life through thick and thin etc. And I just thought that if I close the account they won’t be anywhere again. All the drama was to manage my social account. Whoever you want to connect to keep a foundation for years. In the same way sometimes you keep putting wrong foundation and one day it breaks. And they started managing my social sites. So, there’s nothing like soulmates, it was worse than normal, worse than I had my relation with my friends when it was breaking. 😦

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      2. Sometimes keeping out those who cause trouble even on social sites is healthier for you and those who you wish to keep close.
        There’s many out there who will be jealous and will not leave a stone unturned to make you feel bad, sad, break you apart, because this gives them satisfaction.
        Try to avoid adding them on social sites as you want to enjoy your Facebook posts without the drama.

        However on the positive away from the social apps, it’s always worth spending that quality time with those whom you love. 👍

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      3. I dared to share my experience on your blog Sobia. Hope I am not causing you any troubles. Some common troubles on social sites as the nuisance creators known or unknown are never expected. They are always unexpected.

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      4. Oh not at all Smita, very brace of you to do so in the first place. Not every one can open up so confidently, as well as letting it out is always a positive to be able to breath and feel lighter than to hoard it inside which would pain you even more carrying the burden.

        Thank you for sharing it with us.

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  4. I can relate to it. There’s a crowd everywhere. A noise of societal attitudes which is foreign to you. But what each of us wants is to be understood and accepted without any explanations, that helps them be who they are unapologetically.

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  5. The post moves mountains. Very relateable . Good conversation is what keep things flowing, kind of like this response, the build just make you want to check out the bloggers material, who knows maybe you could by Gastradamus. Weve got a rough draft for a short story out called Eaten an Eskimo and we would love your feedback

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      1. I already found my Twin Flame and I don’t want her to be anyone but herself. I meant, recognizing soul mates. Soul mates are not just romantic or intimate partners. Soul mates are people who help with the growth of your soul.

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      2. Yes indeed, when I wrote this piece I had a very good friend in mind, we are very good friends and even if we don’t get to see one another weekly it doesn’t matter as we know we are there for one another.

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      3. If they are there for you when times are hard then know they’re are a friend to keep, however if they aren’t there and walk away like the rest then you will know the answer.

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