Beyond Words

You find my words beautiful
and sometimes even moving.

You should look even deeper,

where the heart is wounded
and shedding tears. 

The surface maybe perfect but the soul is breaking.

Image taken from Pinterest. 


69 thoughts on “Beyond Words

    1. Aaww thank you dear, I’m glad you were able to connect to it, sometimes if we read with our hearts instead of our souls, we can connect to other writers especially if it’s been written from the heart.

      Thank you.

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      1. You are so welcome! I appreciated the chance to think on your topic – the inner me vs. what you see, on the outside. Great topic.

        If you want a really great read on the topic of “Romantic Love” you might enjoy “The Psychology Of Romantic Love”

        here is the link to it on Amazon –


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      1. It happens! These are brave people and actually everyone has to face it once in a while. I love your words. They get me ponder over it.

        The part we are normally identify with is our ego body. What we know as “me”. Despite the me exists nowhere, it brings all kinds of attachments, misery, conflicts, pain and bliss. This is what we call world, my family, my friend etc etc. When the ego is hurt, pain is inexplicable. Yet, it will continue doing so, till it exists. We are so helpless. 🙂 And there are people who go and see people who face real troubles, who have lives that suffer, can’t fulfill their basic needs . And they ache with their pain just as when the ego is hurt. One of the pain needs healing, another heals. Yet, both is a part of us. 🙂

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      2. Yes very true and you explained it wonderfully, sometimes we can subdue our ego and focus on those who need healing and maybe and just maybe that may even become a healing process for ourselves by helping others.
        Helping others makes us feel good and happier about ourselves to.

        Thank you Smita, I’m glad I could contribute a little towards helping with pondering. I appreciate your presence around this little of mine .

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      3. Pleasure is all mine, Sobia. I always like to know your perspectives. A healthy communication, keeps your mind free of doubts. A doubt free ‘state of mind’ ( It’s not what we think of. It is always about the state of mind, in my personal experience) is of utmost importance to grow as a person, alternating with doubtful states. Have a great day!

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