Thoughts are the hardest form of expression.



58 thoughts on “Deep 

  1. Your post reminded me of something I wrote last year on the topic.

    Human nature frantically thrives on the ability to convey an idea in every way to another human being. Is that even possible? We try.
    We try in music. In sound. We try in film. In visual. We try in feeling. In touch. We try in consumption. In taste. We try in fragrance. In smell. It is terrifying to think that in some very small measure, others will never see the world the way you see it yourself.

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    1. Beautiful said Martine, yes we can try but as you said, would it be possible for others to see the world you would see it yourself?
      Very very rare if that none.

      Thank you Martine, appreciate your lovely and well thought comment. Thoroughly enjoyed reading you.

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      1. Thank you ever so much dear.
        I appreciate your kind and sweet gesture, and I am indeed touched.
        Thank you dear.
        Exams for me at the moment which doesn’t help with my blogging activity .

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      2. It’s lovely to hear that from you dear, it’s made my day, sometimes words of can kindness can really brighten your day.

        Thank you dear and surely once they’re over I can partake in your awards too, for I appreciate you and your kindness.

        Thank you ever so much.

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      1. Aaww very kind of you, I shall be penning something new very soon, just exams have taken up most of my time and I feel I have left the blog aside a little which I don’t want to do. Hopefully after a week or so I shall be posting a lot more.

        Thank you dear, I’m touched by you’re sweetness.

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