Memories are like fragments, we place together the ones we like, I like to place my happy ones together, leaving my painful ones aside. 

I like to sometimes recall them, especially when I’m sitting alone,

They are like a comforting, dear friend, who is still to others, Unknown. 

They’re like my little secret friends, whom I visit when I like, inviting them in when I want to, disregarding them when I like. 

Memories have a special place, that we hold them close inside, disclosing them if we wish to, sharing them only with those whom we confide. 

Memories are like little fragments, keep them close, keep them locked inside.




60 thoughts on “Memories 

  1. Experiences we define as negative (which will turn into a conscious or sub-conscious memory) can be used as powerful sources of inspiration. Live and learn, love. Rinse and repeat. Refine that ability to love and enjoy the contrast between the good times and be thankful you survived the bad. Turn it into a positive whenever you can. Enjoyed this. Would be even more appreciative if you checked out my blog! Struggling to get followers and I need some feedback to feed my passion. Thanks either way. =]

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      1. Thank you ever so much dear. Awfully kind and sweet of you. I’m happy to hear that you do and I hope I can keep it going and bring forth work that you will continue to love.

        Thank you.

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  2. Memories are visitors. Some are cherished loving friends and some are despised foe. I treat both equally. Bid them a hearty goodbye when I come home. But sometimes a few mates knock on my door and stay with me. As they promise a lasting union.

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