‘Poetry isn’t difficult to write, you just need the heart to write it’

It’s not mere words of fiction, or fantasy conjured through my mind, they’re pieces of my heart extracted to share what’s deep inside. 

Poetry isn’t difficult to write, when you can find your heart to write them,

the storm of words oozing forth; fighting to win a little space in the verses of my life. 

Poetry isn’t difficult to write, I just need your hearts to understand them.



The lines ‘poetry isn’t difficult to write, you just need the heart to write it’ originates from  the movie ‘poetry’ by Lee Chang Dong. I found these verses on Jamie Dedes blog, who shared extractions of words from the movie. 

These lines inspired me to continue writing, I hope they appeal to your senses, especially connect to your emotions. 
Image rights belong to: ValleyBiz
Thank you. 

137 thoughts on “Poetry 

  1. Stumbled upon this blog and so happy I did- those last two lines were beautifully written. I agree and feel the same when I write poetry, as long as one has the heart to do it, anyone can write poetry. Because it comes from that heart! It’s such a personal thing for me sometimes, and I adore it so much. Thanks for sharing this lovely piece! Looking forward to more of your material. 🙂



  2. Good Morning! I was looking through all your other blog posts and I must say you are doing an amazing job. Your posts are so meaningful, and I am so excited to see what else you will be writing about in the future. Keep up the great work, because you are inspiring so many people!

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    1. Aaww thank you ever so much, your comments have greatly appreciated. I’m touched by them and I thank you for the bottom of my heart for your kind works, time taken to read through my posts. Thank you Manisha.

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      1. Aaww thank you, will surely check your place out too, its exams and hectic at the moment so therefore been quiet lately. That you so much for your kind words.

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  3. I love poetry or poems. But whether you write poetry or simply writing a blog, the important thing is that you dare to express your feelings and thoughts! That you write with your heart! But keep the mind clear! In other words, if you brokered with your mind and heart, you are always on the right path …
    Regards, Heidi

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  4. poetry is notjust words,metaphors,oxymorons,etc. It’s between the pauses,silent curves and squeals of excitement in anticipation of what the writer’s heart brings. always remember that. don’t bother about your writings appealing our senses. just write. for, passion>grammar rules,even as a grammarnazi says. God bless you..

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    1. Thank you ever so much and yes wonderfully said, just write and see where it takes you.

      It’s good to have a grammar nazi on here, I think I’ve sometimes overstepped the borders of it. Feel free to expose them.

      Thank you ever so much.

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