Secret Friend 


Nature, has always been the secret friend that comforts me when I find the company of people difficult.

It allows me to speak; and listens attentively in silence.


I captured this beautiful sight of nature on a fine early morning. 


98 thoughts on “Secret Friend 

      1. Thank you very much dear, I’m humbled by your lovely and kind words. Especially that you’re a wonderful writer yourself which makes me even more happy to hear your feedback. Thank you very much.

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  1. The nature gives,we take.
    It gives us words to describe it,it gives us reason to love it,it gives us view on life on existence,on purpose,on sence,on death.
    We came from the earth and to the earth we will return.
    Have a happy life and great view.Love❤All around us.

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    1. A beautiful question; which I may not be able to respond to adequately.
      We are surrounded by nature, which aims to provide us with a source of serenity, a source of contemplation, observation and joy. Nature aims to enrich us, may it be through senses or even dietary needs. Whilst we as humans are reliant upon nature to console us sometimes, through weather, through scenery and, it is even a source of oxygen for us, through its plantation. We are connected in a way as long as we don’t destroy it or eradicate it.

      We aim to engulf traits of nature such as its calmness and sweetness but often fail due to our inabilities of controlling or taming our characteristics at testing, trailing times.

      Thank you Bumba.


      1. True. We are all composed of stardust, all of a common source. We are creatures of nature. Yet we feel separate from nature. Why is that? We manipulate the earth’s materials, exploiting, destroying thoughtlessly, generally ruining a good thing, hurting each other. It’s exasperating, ain’t it? I’m going to go for a walk in the woods. 😉

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      2. Yes, we are nature. Never separate from it. Sometimes it is good to remove everything else and know our true nature in the company of nature and no human beings. (Generally, humans connect with a bundle of thoughts and emotions which brings no calm only chaos) Lovely post, Sobia. Have a blessed day ahead. 🙏

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    1. Thank you Davy, always lovely to hear from you. Thank you for your kind comments.
      Indeed nature has that soothing affect, you’ll be surprised what you find in your local area, it’s quiet amazing.
      I hope things get better for you Davy. 👍🏼

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    1. Thank you Carolyn, I took it in the early hours of the morning where everything is calm and soothing. 👍🏼
      Ooh that’s good to hear, the way nature calms and nourishes us is beyond words to pen.

      Thank you for stopping by dear.

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