Winter Whispers

Breathing with severity, thrashing with force, delivering its anguish upon those bewildered in its midst. 

The coldness grips ignoring futile layers, shudders and shivers, accompanying fogged, and blazed surfaces. 

The wind pauses to take a break, from thrusting all that treds its way.

Forgetting its nature, I lose my sense of reality, marvelling the touch of whiteness, the tender scenery, whilst allowing shivers to embrace me. 

I breath with a cold, chilling air, managing a smile, standing upon ice cold ground whilst my hands bare the brunt of my desire. I see, all white before me; snowed layers, foggy visions cooling the earth from the summer just gone, placing at bay the overburnt exposed nature, taming its creatures to follow suit. 

I shudder, as the coldness reminds me that I am still standing in open air. I walk towards my cottage door, it swings open with ease; a swift of warm heat mixed with cinnamon aroma pulls me towards it, I stop, and turn back to inhale a final view;
I whisper, welcome cold season, welcome. 



Image taken from pininterest. 


113 thoughts on “Winter Whispers

    1. Thank you ever so much, I appreciate you stopping by, I’m happy to know you like it, I tried to create a real picture and emotions of how it would feel like being in such a cold night with the warmth calling you from the small house .

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  1. Gave me chills all over and made me smile at the same! How wonderful a way you have painted this scene with your words Sobia! ❤ I dont think you could have picked a better picture for this post either! Makes you feel the winter just to look at it! XO!

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    1. Thank you for stopping by, it’s wonderful to hear from you and I can imagine how hectic life can be sometimes. Studying can take up a lot of time and I can imagine, so not to worry and there is no need to apologise. It is understandable.

      Oh yes that would be fantastic to contribute to a magazine, very kind of you to offer me. Please let me know what I must do in order to contribute to it.

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      1. Okay, thank you so much! I’ve emailed you the application that the rest of my team has been filling out! (I emailed it to your yahoo account.) Try to have it filled it as soon as you can, because the last day to turn in your articles is December 31st. Also, I hope you and your family has a blessed Christmas!


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      2. So sorry about that! I realized that once I had sent it to you. I accidently made an error as I was writing out the letters to everyone, but I did get it sent to your Gmail account!

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  3. Lovely description and of course I can’t think of a better moment than that you moment you describe so beautifully and that is coming inside from the bitter cold. Winter is lovely but oh the warmth of home! Thank you!

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    1. Thank you dear.
      Winter has its own wonders and magical moments.
      You see in UK, our weather has a mood of its own and it fails to follow the season pattern. Few days it will do hot and a day later the temperature just drops, low and behold it’s snowing.

      I must agree with you, the first fresh snow is always the best, especially when it’s untouched D you place your fine personal marks to let other know you had already enjoyed the joys of snow.

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    1. Thank you dear. I decided to give a different view to it as I know many hate winter. Just trying to shed a positive light on it, we do enjoy our warm drinks more in winter than summer right.

      You write wonderfully yourself dear.

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      1. Oh yes, it’s winter here, even though many run from it, I simply love it when it snows.
        Yes winter is a season where we layer up more but I try to enjoy the hot drinks through it.

        Ooh sounds ideal, hot weather and no winter where you are, Sounds exotic dear.

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    1. Thank you Rob, welcome to have you here at, and especially your kind feedback.
      Don’t we love winter when it’s accompanied with warm drinks and good books.

      I’m glad you like it. With my image selections, I like to chose ones that hold a mystery to it or speak for themselves.

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