Morsels of my Soul

My writings are the pieces of my inner soul, curbing to be extracted through my colourless ink. 

I write, without shame or without fear, bringing forth the pain held deep, held within.

The anguish beholds behind the dropping of tears, feelings gushing  forth to reach their escape. 

I write, the morsels that feed my soul, to place at bay the anguish, the musings I withhold. 



Image from pininterest posted by a community contributor, I’m not sure of the author behind it. 


110 thoughts on “Morsels of my Soul

  1. Ok. Two Likes. Could be dozens haha
    Soul stuff is pretty awesome tho.
    Must be something about Souls and Scars, but not necessarily tied together. I like to think of Souls as more pure and unscarred. The Scars we incur come through experiential physical life.
    Very cool stuff, bravo!


  2. I really enjoyed this piece Sobia. There is so much we would like to say as writers / poets but sometimes there is a fear holding us back. The picture sums it up perfectly, trust in the universe and let it flow.

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      1. Please do and I am sure you would be able to pen them wonderfully.

        Aaww Thank you, your kind comments have made my day. Awfully kind and sweet of you to compliment me so kindly. Thank you, I’m truly humbled. 💐💐

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, if you were able to connect to this emotionally then my purpose has been served. I aim to write to be able to connect emotionally.

      Thank you for leaving your feedback. A pleasure to have you here.

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