Black arched shadow, human like, hiding in darkness, lost in black nights, escaping the fiery stars blazing a light.

Visible sometimes, only in the sun, only in the daylight.

A follower, an intruder, a stalker, unknown, follows my steps, whether quick or slow.

Quickening my pace, breathing with all might, the ghastly figure follows, not losing my sight.

Panting for air, oxygen, I cry, what’s happening, so quick, so fast; panic grips, sweating, cold chill trails through me, I cry, this can’t be right.

I pause, stop, holding with a blizzard of thoughts arguing my fate.

The sun calms its heat and rays of sunlight,

The stranger slowly fading, whispering with warmth;

‘set down your guard, I’m a friend not a foe,
my life is tied, to your end’.

Lovingly Your shadow


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