The secret code to writing a best seller

Is there such a thing as a secret code to a best seller or is it a myth?
Well I decided to conduct some research to find answers and stumbled across some very interesting advice from various authors. The likes of Stephen King, Sylvia Day, Archer and Jockers (you get the idea).

‘An arresting opening line is crucial to ensnaring an audience’

I agree, absolutely spot on, it is the opening of the book and even first line which captures or ensnares the audience. Personally for me; the opening of a book is a deciding factor whether I will read further on or not. I often give the author many opportunities before I finally decide to abandon a book(which is pretty much towards the end of it).
Whilst Stephen King elaborates a little; 

‘You should focus not on plot but situation, the most interesting of which can be expressed as a ‘what-if?’ question. Go easy on the research, beware of dialogue, and remember that people love reading about work. “God knows why but they do”.

Work, hmm, maybe it’s because they would like to relate to it in a way(I think).
Another interesting piece of advice  by one of the authors Jeffery Archer; 

 ‘Just make sure the reader has to turn each page, desperate to find out what happens next. It’s that easy’ – Jeffrey Archer
We all have been there, enjoyed good books and still do, where we are eager to find out, what happens next, curiosity doesn’t just kill the cat, it pretty much kills us too. 

To read the full article, click ~ The Secret code to writing a best seller



7 thoughts on “The secret code to writing a best seller

  1. I written three novels, and in none of them could I apply the obvious formulae for commercial success. I don’t rad those books. It takes so much time and energy to write a book that I couldn’t attempt anything but what I myself liked.


  2. I am sure that a great opening line helps to capture the reader’s attention I will, however persevere with a book even if my initial experience intimates that it will be a dull read as, on occasions what seems to be a tedious plot turns into something that captures my imagination. Sometimes media hype can help to sell a book. Big publishers may pour huge sums into promoting a work which assists it to sell while lesser known writers whose work may be just as good (sometimes better) struggle to get read. I have spoken with several people who read the much publicised “50 Shades of Grey” who say they found it uninteresting and didn’t finish it and yet this novel was a best seller. Kevin

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