I aspire,

I desire, 

Nothing more than a warm drink and a good book which keeps me dreaming for hours and hours.

Feel free to share your favourite books, latest reads and what you loved about them. 



17 thoughts on “Words

  1. There are so fucking many for me. I guess the best book I ever read is John Irving’s A Prayer For Owen Meany. I’ve read it three times and need to read it again. Other than that, John Updike, Raymond Carver, John Cheever and Annie Dillard stand out.

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  2. Fiction, I have read many. To be honest I am not a book worm but Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse is my all time favorite. Other books by the same author didn’t appeal me much but still they make some sense..to me. Geetanjali- among poetry. Btw, its more than a decade since I really read anything.

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    1. Thank You Smita, the authors you mention I will surely check them out.
      I love poetry, Geetanjali I’ll have a browse to see if I can find any of her poems. I’m always in the lookout to read good poetry.

      Thank you for taking part.

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  3. after reading ur post, for one minute i was blank thinking about which is my fav book which i could mention here. I realize that i haven’t been in reading anything new in past two months. Latest read in English is “Alphabet soup for lovers” by ANITHA NAIR. These days when i get time i am reading one or two pages of a novel in my regional language 🙂 But i love the books of RUSKIN BOND 🙂

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      1. i got the Anita Nair book from amazon. I had the Kindle version. You will find Ruskin Bond books to paper copy of e-version there…basically i read children fiction a lot since it nurture the enthusiasm a lot and love for nature. I am very selective in reading English books of Indian writers.

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      2. Interesting, I love nature too, I believe that’s where inspiration and ideas are literally thrown at you. For me personally I’ve always visioned storylines and even ideas.

        Thank you for sharing Elaine.

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