Tears trickled down her cheeks, as she murmured her ordeal, ‘I deserve to be free, I deserve to live’. Her sobbing grew louder, as she screamed with full force, her knees became weak as she fell to the ground to garner some support, still clinching the knife, She had always fought for others but was failing to hold and fight for herself. The touch of the knife upon her wrist trickled drops of blood, the sight of it made her dizzy. As she remained still to regain her hold. She could hear footsteps, eager, frantically searching for something. She held her breath in horror, he was back, he had found her, as sweat trickled down her body, panic overtook her, she fell with a huge thud, darkness was overtaking her as her eyes closed slowly till she lost conscienceness.. 

To be continued ..

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