She lay still, gazing at the stars, lost in a distant thought, her mind was at a standstill as she sought comfort from the cool night and the bright stars. She often loved to seclude herself away from every being. Lost in her own world of imagination. She was alone, and she knew it, the stars were her little friends whom she often shared her secrets, whispered her dreams to. She loved the night, embracing her with the warm breeze and sometimes chilled and cold as the seasons changed. Her little window opened her up to a whole horizon, this was her little secret, her very own secret. Sometimes she wondered why they were so far decorated in the sky, her wish to touch them and even embrace them was often murmured. She consoled herself, it’s best for them to watch me from afar, for often those who became close, hurt her much, and caused her pain. ‘I am strong, I am’ she confided, convincing herself again and again ..  ‘I was born strong, nothing hurts me any more, nothing’ her voice echoed as she picked the blade and placed it upon her wrist to demonstrate to the invisible. ..

To be continued …




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