Fragments of glass

She muttered her words as she struggled to speak,

nervously stroking her trembling hands, she looked tired, she looked so weak, I bravely managed to ask ‘who takes it out of you’?

She raised her bloodshot eyes, met my gaze as tears trickled down her cheeks, searching for words to describe her pain and mumbled the words B-R-O-K-E-N as she wept.

She seemed to smile in the public eye, yet carried her sorrow so  cut deep.

she was lost, hurting, deep down pain gripping,  desperately looking for answers, her longing for peace. A simple life, with being carefree, as living was becoming a cancer,

tearing her slowly; very slowly, withering away, her appearance began to show, it took her time to realise someone had to know.

Tears and pain don’t make her weak or signify that she has lost, they are segments of life, to trial her  patience, to make her stronger, more willed,

Just bear a little more;

for only a little remains..

she reminisced the words, as if to taste, whether bitter or sweet, absorbing them to aid her,

She closed her eyes, her dark circles visible, she breathed, heavily, yet quietly; fighting a gushing storm within, battling ardently to remain …

To discover; peace ..



4 thoughts on “Fragments of glass

  1. Wow, a very touching piece!! Ma sha Allah. 🌹🌹🌹. Very observant, beautiful writing picking out all the emotions of a broken person! 💞

    Liked by 1 person

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