Marriage isn’t all about love, dreams and sensuality, it comes with its fair share of tests, trials and compromises. 

It isn’t just smiles, giggles and laughter, there’s tears, sadness and a varied emotions thereafter. 

Sometimes it will certainly feel like a dream, other times it won’t, it will be like, letting off some steam,  

There will be storms, you will endure together, it may even be thunder, but it’ll surely make you both much more stronger. 

Yes there’s bliss, peace and harmony, but sometimes when things don’t go right it can surely cause disharmony. 

Sometimes you may have to step up to say sorry, sometimes you may have to be the comforter and say ‘Don’t worry’. 

Marriage is about supporting each other and helping each other to grow, it’s not just about thinking good gestures, the love you hide, the care you hold, sometimes you do have to show. 

Allow it to blossom just like a flower, be gentle and merciful every minute, every hour, it increases the affection you hold for each other, it unfolds the secrets of love between one another. 

You will notice the difference as you remain patient, it’s not wise to react on every situation, you will see as your relationship grows, evolving with time, letting the sweetness grow, mercy and kindness are beautiful traits, allow them to envelope you both to evolve into soul mates. 


9 thoughts on “Marriage

  1. so nice to have a refreshing uplifting advice on marriage, as its usually full of lectures that drain me. this is enlightening on the heart n mind hence easier to want to take action and practice the words you write for us 🙂

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  2. Beautiful ma sha Allah… Forgiveness and mercy is a must! Two souls learning to live with each other no other relationship requires compromise as much as this sacred relationship. 💞

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