‘An Authors Handbook’

Whilst exploring my bookshelf, I fell across a book which has been sitting there collating dust. I pulled it out, by David Bolt called ‘An Authors Handbook’. I recall purchasing it after reading numerous positive reviews regarding it, and because I always wanted to write, I hoped it would help me to become confident with writing my own chosen specialism. 
‘An Authors Handbook’ is easy to read, and full of practical advices on all the main aspects of writing and getting in to print.

Over the days I shall share the tips and advices given in the book to help anyone who it may benefit. 

Feel free to share your own writing tips. 
How did you start writing? 


5 thoughts on “‘An Authors Handbook’

  1. I always liked writing…During my 10th grade I used to write in my pocket diary,but I was afraid…Then I started writing it in One-note, Notepad, even started mailing myself..But I was still afraid..I didn’t want people to read it..I always used to think that, they will make fun of it,laugh on me..And then something happened, and here I am, with best of me, having the confidence..So the point is, I don’t know how to write ‘right’, ..i just keep writing..And I didn’t start writing, I started believing in myself…..

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    1. Very true and thank you for sharing. It’s lovely to hear that you use to write and I agree sometimes we write to share with ourselves, and even those we don’t know, but we only fear it being found by those we know. Maybe it’s because we still want to remain unknown.
      I agree because it took me a while before I started writing my own name under my posts.

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  2. Oh I look forward to reading your tips on writing. I use to write daily and it was really fun like a decade ago and then I lost touch some how….. I really want to get back into writing daily as its very soothing for the mind and soul.

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